Dr. Alourdes Pierre
Speaking At The National Women’s History
Dr Alourdes Pierre, C. Ed

Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer

Dr. Alourdes at L.O.V.E.
Dr. Alourdes Pierre, C. Ed

Speaking at the L.O.V.E Suited For Empowerment Anniversary

Dr. Alourdes Pierre

“It’s Your Time Be Daring! Take Off With What You Got”


Dr. Alourdes has extraordinarily high energy with an inspirational speaking style. She is very enthusiastic about motivating her audience to take the dare. She inspires them to conquer beyond their wildest dreams by providing insight to Take Off and to spread their wings with what they got from the experience of a successful Woman Leader who started from rags to a Woman CEO. She overcame obstacles and beat the odds along the way. She has been using her stories which illustrates her journey in America as a young Haitian Immigrant to inspire others.

Today, Dr. Alourdes is a graduate of Saint-Thomas University in South Florida, a very prolific speaker and Author, The Life Inspirational Certified Speaking Coach and Trainer with the John Maxwell Organization and Certified Master Storyteller with Andy Henriquez MSA Academy. Dr. Alourdes was awarded the Honorary Doctoral for impacting the lives of at risks teenage girls and underprivileged women in the community for many years.

In her book, she encourages her readers to be courageous and to move forward with boldness with whatever God has placed in their hands. She urges them to fulfill their true life’s calling and the fulfillment that it brings when they are doing exactly what they are placed on this earth to do. She persuades her readers to fly high. After achieving great success in her career, she returned to the community and began to empower underprivileged women and provided mentorship for at-risks teenage girls to succeed one at a time.

Dr. Alourdes Pierre is also recognized for her role as the Founder/CEO of the Ladies of Valor Empowerment (L.O.V.E.), she has been referred to as Lady Love. She began to empower underprivileged women to “Take Off With What They Got” starting from her living room. She received numerous proclamations and awards for her commitment to making a difference in the lives of women and at risks teenage girls with the Circle of Love Empowers Women and Girls, Inc., a 501, c 3, non-profit organization, which DBA as Ladies of Valor Empowerment (L.O.V.E.) and Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.V.E.).

Dr. Alourdes is a woman of faith, the mother of a beautiful young achieving daughter, and an outstanding Woman Leader. She simply states, “It is my duty to pay-it-forward” by empowering women and mentoring at risks teenage girls one at a time”. She believes to whom much is given much is required.

I AM Dr. Alourdes